This past weekend, I was explaining the concept of resolutions to Mazzy. I said they were goals we set for ourselves in the new year; things we want to accomplish or improve. I suggested that Mazzy make her resolution to do a better job cleaning up after herself. She said that didn’t sound like fun at all.

“What would you like your resolution to be?”

“To become a better ice skater.”

“Okay, that’s a good resolution. What else can we come up with? Oh, I know! Maybe you can get dressed all by yourself in the morning without me having to force a sweater over your head two seconds before we are supposed to leave for school!”

Mazzy was off and running to the next thing, sliding on the wood floors in her socks. No time for self-improvement, only ice skating.


I looked over at Mike. Every year I ask my husband if he has any resolutions and he says no. He doesn’t DO resolutions.

“How about we try to put our phones down when we walk in the door after work and give our kids our full attention,” I suggested.

“Never going to happen.”

“Why not?”

“Because you are always taking pictures.”

Fine. Point taken.

Mike went back to reading the NY Times on his iPad.

I looked at Harlow.


Oh, Harlow.

I could come up with a laundry list for her (wake up later, experiment with protein, stop putting up such a fuss at bedtime), but she’d break her resolutions faster than I broke my no carb diet back in January 2002.

While my family went about their business like it was still 2014, I thought about my own resolutions. I like making resolutions. I usually make them small and doable. I don’t want to start some crazy diet or say I’m going to run five miles every morning. Resolutions should not be about setting yourself up for failure. They should be accomplishable goals.

Last year, my main resolution was to start dating my husband again and whether he credits me or not, that totally stuck. We already have a babysitter booked for every Thursday night in January.

This year, I plan to eat more vegetables and drink more water. Much more boring than Thursday night dates, but judging by the state of my skin this winter, very necessary.

To be clear, I’m not looking to give up the bad stuff at all. I like ice cream too much. I’m just going to add more of the good stuff.

Secondly, I want to start having more family dinners.

Typically, the kids eat before Mike and I get home from work.  We play with them for awhile, put them to bed and then eat dinner just the two of us. I think that time could be spent having dinner altogether, but Mike is the cook and likes to eat late.

Instead of making a huge change that Mike is never going to commit to, I’m going to resolve to have family dinners on Friday nights. We can all eat together and put the kids to bed a little late. I can even come home early to cook if necessary. Or, we can order take-out or go out to eat. The kids are getting better in restaurant situations and it’s not nearly as tortuous as it used to be.

Those are the small things. The easily accomplishable. But I have a big resolution to make this year too.

This year, I want to write a book.


It’s scary to say because as I mentioned before, I don’t like failing. So here’s the small version— I will put together a proposal for a book. Which, believe it or not, is not the easiest thing to do either.

Last year, I had interest in a book, but I didn’t believe I could write the blog and write the book at the same time. My main goal was to make my website a success. I like to think that was the right decision.

This past weekend, I took a box of books from our overstuffed bookshelf in the city and put them on the empty built-in bookshelf in our summer house. I ended up with an entire section of books written by fellow bloggers and friends.


I realized the opportunity to write a book won’t always be there and I don’t want to miss out. I want my kids to be able to hold my book in their hands one day. I want to have it when I’m old so I can remember that crazy time in my life when I wrote this ridiculous blog.

One of the scariest things about writing the book is that I imagine it would include not just written stories but a lot of photos. Not just of my kids, but of many who have submitted photos to my blog over the past four years. To use those photos, I’m guessing I will need to track down emails and get official releases which will drive me out of my mind.

So, in order to accomplish my goal, I need to ask for your help.

If you have had a photo featured on Mommy Shorts, please send an email to with PHOTO FOR BOOK in the subject line. In the body of the email, include the name of the photo series it was used for (i.e. Epic Baby Hair, Evil Baby Glare-Off, Picky Eaters Club, Baby Mugging, etc.) and a link to where it appeared on Mommy Shorts. If you have the original photo, feel free to attach it as well. Please only email me if the photo was published on my blog.

There you go. First step to accomplishing my goal in 2015. As always, everything depends on your help.

Now, I have to make a date to take Mazzy ice skating. Without my phone. And then force feed Harlow some chicken. On a Friday night, with the whole family at dinner.

Right after I drink this big glass of water.