Today, I want to share a video with you guys that honestly, I really needed to see. I’m struggling with getting the kids ready in the morning, struggling to get Mazzy to do her homework, struggling to get them to bed at a reasonable time and then once they are in bed, struggling to get them to fall asleep. There’s a lot more yelling in my house than ever before and it’s making me sad. 

I start each day with the best intentions. I’m going to apply all those expert parenting tips I’ve read. I’m going to be present. Mindful. Patient.

And…then the kids wake up. Or more likely, they don’t wake up and I have to drag them kicking and screaming out of bed.

If you’ve ever completely lost your temper with your kids, blamed yourself, regrouped for after-school pickup, yelled again, started Googling parenting webinars, but then lost your shit AGAIN 87 more times before bed, you’ll appreciate this video from Cat & Nat, two mom BFFs who tell it like it is in their weekly “Mom Truth” videos.

Honestly, until I saw this video, I thought I was the only mom who seriously considered pulling my kids out of school to apologize for how the morning went.

In the end, the women give one final piece of reassurance. “Every day, you wonder who’s psychotic— them or you?” The answer? A resounding, “BOTH.”

At least we’re not alone.

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