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It’s almost the end of the year and amidst all the birthdays (Harlow turned two, I turned *cough cough* and Mazzy will be five next week!) and holiday celebrating, Mommy Shorts contests are ending left and right.

The Munchkin Selfie contest is over and to commemorate the thousands of babies, toddlers and kids taking both accidental and intentional selfies in the hashtag, I put together a flipagram set to club music. If you are anything like me, you will watch it at least ten times in a row and then come back to watch it again later.

Please watch with the sound on!

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Thanks to everyone for submitting their selfies and Munchkin for the fabulous prizes! The 14 winners are @wendymelissaa @mayginmollie @elsinlb@unraveledemotions @amberbrink @jen14483@lorihloben @brina_harwood @themessthatisjess@kindertype @mriley919 @terisamanthaaa @jmargos. The day you won should appear under your winning photo on Instagram. You can view all the Munchkin prizes here.

It was fun reading all your comments about your kids’ favorite foods, songs and books under the Sticky Bellies Birthday Poster giveaway.


Apparently, I need to broaden my girls’ exposure to pop music. Everyone at kindergarten is going to be singing “All About that Bass” and Mazzy is going to bust out with her rendition of “BINGO was his Name-O”. Poor kid.

The winners are Emily (whose daughter Katie loves milkshakes), Jessica (whose daughter Kendall loves to read “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket”) and Ashleigh (whose daughter Nora’s favorite song is Let It Go sung at the top of her lungs at the grocery store). Congrats! If you’d like to purchase “The Birthday Poster” for yourself, you can do so here.

Harlow was hugely thankful for all the birthday wishes from random toddlers entering the Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box contest.


“Who are all these strange kids wishing me Happy Birthday, Mama? This is kind of creepy.”

“Don’t worry about it Harlow. Just enjoy the good cheer!”

The winner is Kasie and her daughter Charlie Mae, who will receive her Birthday Party in a Box just in time for her second birthday this January. Yay! If you’d like to purchase your own Little Miss Party in a Box, you can do so here.

The Mom Skillz winners were announced yesterday, including Jessica and her daughter Sophia who won the grand prize. Read all about the winning entries here.

I don’t know why everyone who won has a daughter. That is either a coincidence or because nobody with sons has any reason to read my blog anymore. I hope it’s the former.

Please contact to claim your prizes.

Here’s a short list of the contests you can still enter:

• $500 Amazon gift card from Betty Crocker

• Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

One more thing.

A couple weeks ago, Chex sent a dozen cupcakes to my office for both me and Harlow’s birthdays. How they knew November was our birthday month I have no idea.


I brought home the cupcakes and had the box sitting open on the kitchen counter. Mazzy is in the early stages of reading and I overheard her trying to sound everything out. I came over and helped her decipher each word, which all made perfect sense until we got to “Love, Chex”.

“Who’s Chex?” Mazzy asked.

“Ummmm…. that’s a cereal that’s friends with Mommy.”

Mom Blogging is weird.

Happy Sunday!

— Mommy Shorts