People often ask if Mazzy and Harlow ever fight. I guess based on the pics and videos I post, it seems like they are loving on each other 24/7. That is totally not the case.

Like most siblings, they fight, they annoy each other (intentionally and unintentionally), they vie for attention, they don’t want to share, they have different ideas about what they want to watch, play, eat, etc. or one might want the company of the other while the other one wants their space. I actually think the fighting has gotten a bit more frequent as they get older.

But they also continue to love each other and look out for each other in ways I never expected. They have a constant play mate and travel companion in one another. They sneak into each other’s beds, play dress-up, read together, hug and kiss daily and my favorite part— make each other lose their minds in fits of giggles and laughter all day long.

Their relationship is the best gift I have ever given anyone, including myself.

Below are 36 photos that perfectly capture Mazzy and Harlow’s relationship. They like each other. They hate each other. They LOVE LOVE LOVE each other.

This what having daughters three years apart looks like:

They love goofing around.


They love holding hands.


They like to make sure that their desserts are exactly even.


They both are invested in becoming fierce females.


They love being active.


They’re “helping” gentrify the East Village.


They both want blue hair. BADLY.


They keep each other entertained. Thank god.


They love to climb trees.


They both think they’re unicorns.


They think everything they film on my phone is HILARIOUS.


They’re very affectionate.


Except for those times when they refuse to sit next to each other.


They love celebrating Jewish holidays.


They love celebrating non-Jewish holidays.


They love celebrating pretty much any holiday at all.


They love taking selfies.


They’ve perfected their duckface.


They love hugging each other.


Except when they don’t.


They love watching shitty YouTube videos on their iPads.


They love watching their own YouTube videos.


They’ve graduated ski school.


They could live in their bathing suits.


They are awesome travelers.


They love hanging out all day in their pajamas.


They refuse to sit like ladies.


Except for that ONE TIME.


They’re both exhausted every morning on their way to school.


They love twinning.


Or maybe not.


They love amusement parks.


Except when they realize the ferris wheel is really freakin’ high.


They love each other.


They love their dad.


They love me too.


Happy National Siblings Day, Mazzy and Harlow! I hope you are best friends for life, just like I am with my sister.