6a0133f30ae399970b01b7c6e05cf3970b-800wi1Last week I wrote about Mazzy cooking her own dinner (with my help, obviously).

Today, I’ve got proof.

Here’s a video of Mazzy using Harlow as her “little helper” to make mini turkey meatballs.

This is what happens when your daughter has watched cooking tutorials on YouTube for the past two years. I half expected her to say “Check out my other videos and make sure to subscribe!” at the end.

(Warning: you might need further instruction than my four-year-old provides on camera.)

Take a look and guess what my favorite part is…

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To all my Jewish readers, hope you are having a lovely Rosh Hashanah! Judging by all the loot my kids took home from last night’s dinner, the grandparents have decided Rosh Hashanah is the new Christmas.