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Remember the family who did the Xmas Jammies video last Christmas? The Holderness family is back with a back-to-school parody of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" called "Baby Got Class," which makes me wonder why I can't even get my family to help me make an Ice Bucket Challenge video. 

They get to throw a bucket of ice water over my head! What's more fun than that? But nope. Mazzy's got camp and Harlow's napping and Mike just left to play golf. 


Last year, I made fun of the Holdernesseseses for humble bragging about their pretty great life, but this year, I am giving them props. It's kind of awesome they all seem to participate so willingly and that they have so much fun together.

Or maybe their daughter is stamping her feet and fake crying between takes? 

A mom can dream…