The Holderness family is that family that went viral last year with their Xmas Jammies video. Mom and Dad both quit their jobs to create more viral videos and followed up their first hit with a back-to-school video (“Baby Got Class”), a Thanksgiving video (“All About that Baste”), and this year’s updated video holiday card.

This is them:


Some people love them. “They are so adorable and talented!”

And some people hate them. “Who wants to watch try-hard good-looking rich people brag about their lives???”

Then people who love them say things like, “You’re just jealous because you didn’t get your own reality show!”

Yes, it was recently announced that the Holderness family would get their own reality show.

I’m going to put myself in the jealous camp. Not because of the reality show thing (I don’t think I want one of those), but because the whole family seems to happily participate in their videos together. Where’s the part where one spouse begs the other to just try and not look miserable for five seconds??? Where’s the part where the kids scream, “NO MORE VIDEOS, MOM!!!!!!” and then run to hide in their rooms????

That would make me like the Holderness family.

Anyway, SNL took it upon themselves to make a parody of the Holderness family holiday video card and I think no matter what side you are on (lovers or haters), we can all come together and agree— THIS IS HILARIOUS.

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