This week has been a pretty weird week. I was on the news twice. On Good Morning America for #likeaboy and on the Weather Channel this AM talking about this crazy photo I took of Mazzy and Harlow during a lightning storm.

I should give my imaginary PR person a raise!

I took the photo a month ago while out on my balcony in NYC. There were some pretty interesting storm clouds, but it wasn't raining yet, so I was snapping pictures of my girls. Because that's what I do, as you all know. Then all of a sudden, a loud crack of thunder scared us half to death. I think Harlow actually jumped for the first time. Then I rushed the girls back inside right before it started pouring.

Later that night, after everyone was safely in bed, I was flipping through my photos and found this shot. The very last one I had taken outside. I must have snapped it a millisecond before the thunder, because I don't remember seeing the lightning at all. I think that means the lightning was really close. Kinda scary. 

Anyway, there is no filter or manipulation on this photo. It's just what happens to an iPhone when lightning is scarily close, I suppose. I posted it on Instagram and to date, it is one of my most liked photos ever. 

This morning, the Weather Channel asked me talk about it via a live skype interview. Did anybody happen to see it? I didn't get to record it. All I have is this photo sent from a friend:


One thing we don't have out here at the summer house is a DVR. Must get on that.

Anyway, if any other news programs would like to contact me, I am available for interviews about babies that like to accessorize, moms who let their kids fall out of trees and kids who bring home lunchboxes with the same amount of food they left for school with

I'll be waiting by the phone.

See? Who needs a PR person?!

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