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I’m about to talk about smells. Not the good kind (we’ll get to that later). The kind that makes you break out the air freshener spray even though you hate the way the air freshener spray smells. You’re just hoping the metallic odor of the air freshener will disguise the even worse smell.

What does it say about air freshener that we spray it as far away from our bodies as possible and then hold our breath as we run out of the room like we have three seconds before the whole bathroom detonates?

Did I say bathroom? Yeah, that’s where the worst smells in our house happen (totally not my doing *ahem*), plus I wouldn’t dream of bringing the air freshener out of the bathroom where it could actually be sprayed near things we eat and sleep in.

I do not trust my air freshener. I do not want to inhale it. I do not want to eat it. I basically use it for EMERGENCY SMELL SITUATIONS. And smell emergencies only exist in my house when we have visitors. Otherwise, I’d rather wait out the natural stench than breathe in the chemical fumes of the supposed “freshener.”

This is why I am so excited Method just launched its new air refreshers. They come in lovely natural scents: french lavender, beach sage, wild poppy, sweet tangerine and fresh clover. The beach sage is my favorite, followed by the sweet tangerine. Mazzy likes the fresh clover. I asked her what she thought it smelled like and she said, “leaves”. EXACTLY.

Since it’s Method, I know all the products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The new air refreshers are designed with revolutionary pressurized air technology, which means unlike most traditional aerosol sprays (which are powered by petroleum-based propellant mixed in with the product), they are powered by PURE AIR.

How that works exactly, I don’t know, but I don’t really know how my TV turns on either. All I know is that when you spray, you fill your room with one of Method’s vibrant all-natural scents. No CFCs (those are the things that destroy the ozone). No dirty propellants. No need to run out of the room screaming.

Today, Method and I are launching something really exciting. Remember when I created the Healthy Mama ad campaign earlier this year and then asked you all to write your own headlines for a chance to win $750? And you guys wrote way funnier lines than I did to begin with?

I’m doing the same for Method Air Refreshers. I created five mock ads (one for each of their fresh scents) talking about the things that stink in my house.

Here goes…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts2

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts3

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts4

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts5

Now, I’d like to throw it to you guys to come up with even better, more specific, stinkier headlines (I’m assuming things smell bad in your house too), for the chance to win a grand prize $1,000 Target gift card and a year supply of Method Air Refreshers.

Plus, nine secondary winners will get a $50 gift card and the complete line of Method Air Refreshers.

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts7

Enticing enough for you?

To enter, just make sure you…

1) Follow both Method and Mommy Shorts on facebook

2) Share this post in some way (like/share on facebook, tweet on twitter, call your mom, etc.)

3) Leave a comment below. (You can enter multiple times, but please only leave one headline per comment.)

The structure should be as follows:

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts8

It’s like Mad Libs for horrible household smells! (Feel free to incorporate car and office stench too.) If more than one person enters the same stench, I will select the headline I think is worded the best. If they are worded the same, preference will go to the person who commented first.

You can find the full rules here.

I’ll post some of my favorites next week and then gear up to my ten finalists on September 4th. Then the winner will be selected by vote on September 17th.

If the headlines are funny enough (and I know you guys are funny)— there’s a slight possibility Method could actually use this in their Air Refresher campaign…

Fingers crossed and good luck!


This post was sponsored by Method, but all thoughts, opinions and ad mock-ups are my own.