When Mazzy finally goes down for a nap (after thanking god, doing a dance and shedding a few happiness tears), I have a list of options. Namely to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, or shower. Sometimes online scrabble finds it’s way into the basic necessity mix. (Who am I kidding? Online scrabble rests comfortably at the top). Usually I play my turn, eat a handful of cereal, and then jump into the shower. More often than not, Mazzy starts crying midway through ‘rinse repeat’ and then the rest of my shower is about as relaxing as a Zumba class. Shaving? Forget it. Each naptime, I have a chance to revisit the list. On the rarest of occasions, I will be able to fit in something extra special like watching an episode of Parenthood (Am I the only one that LOVES that show?)

In any case, one thing that will never ever make the list is this: put the baby on the floor, turn said floor into a canvas, construct an elaborate baby fantasy by draping clothing, fashioning blankets and precisely placing random household items, photograph entire scenario and then put on the internet. Mazzy would wake up with an umbrella in her hand and a towel molded into an elephant under her ass, scream bloody murder and then never nap again.

But kudos to Adele Enerson— because clearly she is not only fantastically talented, but her baby, Mila, must sleep like a rock.








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