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Remember Hello Flo, the wonderful people who brought pre-teen girls a welcome kit so they wouldn’t feel embarrassed when they got their period for the first time? They broke the news with an in-your-face, yet totally endearing video called “Camp Gyno“. You might have seen it since it’s raked up almost 10 million views on YouTube.

Now, Hello Flo is back with a kit (and video) for first time moms dealing with the lovely realities of postpartum. The cracked nipples, the stitched up hoo-ha, the— you know what? I don’t need to mention my unmentionables because they have a woman singing about it in a full-on musical, called, wait for it…

“Postpartum: The Musical”.

It features a woman singing about engorged nipples and a torn perineum while dancing with jazz hands and wearing a maxi pad over her leggings, with songs like “Vaginal Fallout” and “Mastitis: My Personal Odyssey”.

Do I have your attention?

Her’s a first peak at Hello Flo’s latest video. They’re hoping it will make postpartum unmentionables a little more worth mentioning.

And go viral, of course.


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