Details for photo contest and giveaway at end of the post.

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The NFL play-offs are starting this weekend and the Giants have secured a spot (thank god or else I might have had to flee the house for protected custody last Sunday when a screaming maniac bearing striking resemblance to my husband unleashed unprecedented rage at our television).

For Mike, football season trumps all. He will not make plans on a Sunday that does not involve the game. He will not go anywhere without a flatscreen larger than our own. If I tell him that yes, we are going to such and such's house for brunch but she promised me that the game will be on in the background— NO GO. He will not go somewhere where there will be activities other than parking yourself in front of the television.

I have never been much of a football fan and Mike gave up on changing this quintesstial fact long ago.

But now he's set his sights on someone new. Someone who lives right here in our home.

Mike is hellbent on getting Mazzy into football. And Mazzy, either due to a genuine love of the game or because she sees the joy it brings her daddy, is totally buying into it.

Witness below:


So this year, in an effort to stay involved, I am doing the NFL Play-Offs the only way I know how— Mommy Shorts style. It's "The Road to the Baby Bowl" and it looks like this (click to enlarge):

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 10.31.24 PM

IMPORTANT: This is a contest. But the kids above are not the only ones competing. They are just who I used in the graphic.


This contest will be taking place mainly on the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage in an album titled "The Road to the Baby Bowl".

The photos with the most facebook "likes" will have a chance to win. 

There will be two winners. 

WINNER #1 will be determined by which teams make it into the Super Bowl. For instance, if it ends up being the Packers vs. the Patriots then the two photos with the highest facebook "likes" for each of those teams will compete against eachother for the win. The winner of the Baby Bowl will be determined by a Mommy Shorts poll on February 5th, the same day as the Super Bowl. Note: Even if the Packers win the Super Bowl, the Patriots photo could still win the Baby Bowl. Make sense?

WINNER #2 will be decided between the two photos that have the most facebook "likes" overall regardless of whether the team even made it into the play-offs. That means my Kansas City Chiefs fans (of which there is a strangely large number), you are still very much in the game. Note: Photos from the two teams competing in the Super Bowl will not be included because they will be competing for WIN #1. Also, both photos must be from two different teams. So if the two photos with the most likes are from the same team, then I will pick the one with more and move on the highest number of facebook likes from a different team. Got it?


Both winners will receive an OFFICIAL NFL KIDS' JERSEY from the team of their choosing. (Mike has a friend who works for the NFL who agreed to donate to the cause.)


Upload a picture of your kid (0-5yo) representing their favorite NFL team on the wall of the Mommy Shorts fanpage. Please remember to include your kid's first name. Once you upload it, I will add it to "The Road to the Baby Bowl" album. Please tag your photo once it is in the album. It is the easiest way for me to contact you about your entry.

Then tag, share, tweet etc. and work on getting votes!

Entries will be taken up until Friday, February 3rd. But the sooner you post it, the more time you'll have to get votes.


1) If a photo wins that involves two kids, they will have to fight it out amongst themselves who gets the jersey. Only one jersey per win.

2) The only photos eligible to win are ones that involve NFL team gear. There are a few non-NFL photos currently in the album (OSU fans— I'm looking at you!) but they will not be eligible to win.


To kick-off "The Road to the Baby Bowl", I am giving away three kids' shirts ($20 each) from in any color combo of your choosing.


Striped Shirt was started by Laura Beck who was looking for fashionable options for her and her daughter to support their favorite teams. An avid sports fan, Laura recognized that fan wear was mostly sized for boys and craved a subtler way to show off her team colors. She currently sells striped shirts in a variety of color combinations for women, kids and babies and you can check them all out here

Just leave a comment below to enter. Three winners will be selected randomly and announced next Friday.

Now go to the Mommy Shorts Fanpage, upload your kids' photos and vote for your favorites. Except if you're a Falcon fan. You don't want Mike to start screaming at your child through the computer.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts