See this stock photo of a woman with six pack abs hooked up to her breast pump peacefully enjoying breakfast while staring through a glass window? It’s just like real life! Even better? There isn’t any tubing attached to those bottles! What exactly is she doing???

Clearly no one, not the photographer, not the woman in the photo, knows anything about motherhood.

This is the photo that started the site “It’s Like They Know Us” which writes sarcastic captions mocking the “moms” in stock photos. You know, the moms who play with their kids on white couches while everyone happily enjoys some salad?

Check this out because it is BRILLIANT.

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“It’s Like They Know Us” is run by Sarah Given, a high school orchestra teacher and first time mom to a 14 month-old girl, who used to write for a comedy troupe back in college.

Sara also gives credit to her mom group on facebook, who came up with the idea when one member posted the photo of the magical breast pumping cereal woman. Then the group began searching for more ridiculous stock photos of moms, which unsurprisingly, were very easy to find.


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One member of the group suggested someone make a Tumblr out of it, and Sara volunteered.

“I was up all night looking for ridiculous pictures and giggling like a maniac… It’s nice to be producing some kind of funny again, especially when it’s this cathartic.”

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Sara says she hopes people get a laugh out of it, but also thinks there is an important message here for struggling new moms.

“I hope new moms can look at these posts and know that it’s not supposed to be perfect. During the first few weeks of my daughters life I was starved for anything that made me laugh through the exhaustion and doubt.”

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I asked Sara what she thought a more realistic picture of motherhood would look like.

“It would be different for all of us, but I am guessing there would be fewer white couches and spotless kitchens. Also, no one is happy when they’re pumping at work. NO ONE.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.07.46 AM

When speaking about the “they” in “It’s Like They Know Us”, Sara said, “I understand that advertisers and photographers can’t publish an image of a miserable exhausted woman hooked up to a pump. At the same time, if you are that miserable exhausted woman, the idealized imagery can make you wonder if it really should be easier or if you are doing something wrong.”

Excellent point.

Who wants to model for a realistic pumping shot? Anyone? Anyone?

I’ll be waiting over here patiently while my perfectly behaved children drink grape juice without spilling on my white couch.

You can follow “It’s Like They Know Us” on tumblr.

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