I, Ilana Wiles, solemnly swear to up my fashion game this year.

I will try my best to make stylish as much of a priority as comfort.

I will fight the urge to wear my same pair of jeans and loose fitting top five days of the week.

I will put on something that actually shows I have a waist. (This one is probably the hardest for me.)

I will accessorize with jewelry and an impractical purse when the occasion calls for it. (Maybe even a purse that doesn’t fit both my laptop and a sippy cup.)

I will go shopping for new clothes. Not just as an errand, but as an activity.

I will buy something uncomfortably expensive because it fits great.

I will wear a pair of shoes other than black.


I will not look at invitations to fancy affairs as wardrobe challenges but instead as wardrobe opportunities.

I will buy a statement coat.

I will wear more dresses. (They make outfits easier to put together anyway.)

I will retire my red shirt. (No, I won’t, but I seriously need to stop wearing it in all my videos.)

Today, I’m partnering with Børn Shoes to take a Mom Pledge. To put a little more of the “getting ready” focus back on me. To get just as excited about my clothes as I do about my kids’ clothes.


I might not be the mom in yoga pants and sneakers with a ponytail, but I am definitely veering dangerously close into “mom clothes” territory. I don’t know if it’s my body changing or my reliance on my navy pair of capris, but I am feeling a bit matronly lately.

I think part of this was a feeble attempt to up my fashion game earlier this year. I bought into the whole wide leg pants trend and then this summer, I opted into wide leg crop pants. Then I saw myself in a photo with said pants (paired with baggie button down, mind you) and realized it made my whole body look like it was the widest parts. I never wore them again.

So here’s another part of my new fashion mantra: I will be trendy only when it is flattering.


Obviously, I am not going to eschew comfort entirely. I just have to believe that just like Børn Shoes are comfortable, attractive and fashion forward, there has to be clothes out there for me that hit all these notes too.

Although, a wise person once told me that a good pair of shoes make an entire outfit.

Everything looks good (jeans, dresses, my navy capris) with a great pair of boots.

Except wide leg crop pants. Never wear those ever.

Giveaway: $500 Worth of Børn Shoes

Today, I am giving away up to $500 worth of Børn Shoes to one person who takes the pledge to up their fashion game this year.

To take the pledge, just enter your info in the widget below.

Mommy Shorts: Mom Pledge

You can see the official rules here.

I’ll pick one winner on September 30th!