In case you haven't noticed, lots of cool stuff has been happening to me lately. Which is kind of weird, because all I want to talk about is how my daughter is finally pooping in the potty (it's happened four times!!!) and judging by the huge response to my post about the Monchichi crapping on my floor, I'm pretty sure that's what you guys want to hear about too… but instead I'm forced to tell you about the Tribeca gallery that just featured my Instagram photos. 

I know. How annoying!

Long story short, a start-up company called Timshel asked me to be part of their brand launch where I would have my photos displayed alongside five other mobile photographers.

There was a fashion photographer, a beauty photographer, a humanitarian photographer, a landscape photographer and me…

A mom photographer?

Anyway, it was a really cool event and I was totally honored to be in such amazing company.


My friends and family showed up, we admired the photogenic nature of my children and remembered what it was like when we all had lives where going to an art gallery on a Tuesday night wasn't nearly as crazy at it felt that evening. 

Timshel is a monthly service that prints out your favorite mobile photos automatically, right from your phone. I would sign up immediately but apparently, they have to raise a bunch of money first.

Click here to see their Kickstarter.




There are too many of them. They broke facebook. There are so many, I can't even add any more to the album because facebook says its "reached capacity". Going from over 1000 photos straight to 32 is going to be DAUNTING. 

Also, just because a few people asked, please know the Chupa Chups Chuck doll is not supposed to be a penis. How do I know this? Because I emailed my contact to ask them. He said he'd never heard that before. AWKWARD.

Still planning on announcing the finalists on Friday the 25th. Stay tuned.



The big news is that my show is now available internationally! So, anybody who had trouble viewing should try again.

Also, When I talked about the Romilly Newman episode yesterday, I forgot to mention the most compelling reason to watch it…

Harlow taste tests baby food and makes this face:


Seriously, it might be my favorite episode. Go watch it.



Harlow (aka Superbaby) took her first steps a couple of weeks ago, when she was 10 months. I haven't been able to catch it on camera yet (mainly because Harlow lunges for my phone whenever I take it out), but hopefully I'll have video for you shortly.

In the meantime, check out Harlow waving hello while on the swings:


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Over on Babble today, I've got a post called "If My Three-Year-Old Daughter was in Charge of Halloween Decor". Here's a preview:


For princess pumpkins, pink candy corn, silver sparkly spider cupcakes and more, click here.



This weekend, we are heading to our cousin's wedding where Mazzy will be the flower girl. Let's hope she doesn't pull something like this:


Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts