Now that February is coming to a close, it’s time to ship out my February Swag Bag, which has so much fun stuff, it would never fit into a little ol’ bag. It requires a big huge box.

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Included in the box is a mixture of hand selected products from current brand partners, items that I receive at various blogger events, random stuff that gets sent to my house and a few things I picked up special, like the Turbie Twist.


Mazzy has been wearing the Turbie Twist on Snapchat and it generated so much commentary on whether she was wearing it right or wrong, that I felt obligated to buy one for the swag bag. FYI, it says how to use it on the back of the box and officially, Mazzy is wearing it upside down. Unofficially, it works just as well.

A lot of people have been asking about Mazzy and Harlow’s custom dinner plates from Dylbug, so I decided to include the Dylbug Petite Punk plate, which comes with a dress shaped cookie cutter to make the coolest (and easiest) food art ever. Seriously, you should check out the different food fashions on Dylbug’s site. It can turn you into an instant Pinterest Mom!


Beyond the punk series, you can get your plate customized to look like your kid with their name on it, which is pretty awesome. I got them for Mazzy and Harlow for Hanukah this past year.

The next item is something sweet for Valentine’s Day. This box of Hershey’s KISSES DELUXE with the roasted hazelnut center will be the last box I’m giving out this year. Unless Hershey’s wants to work with me again. PLEASE DO! I LOVE KISSES!!!


Next up, we have a genius waterproof head scarf from Hadry. You might have noticed me wearing it on our trip to Jamaica. Oh no, that’s right. I took almost no pictures of myself on that trip. You’ll just have to trust me. Hadry hair accessories are a fashionable way to cover your hair at the beach or the pool, either because you want to save your blowout or because your hair looks like crap after you get out of the water. (I wore it for the latter.)


Check out Hadry to see how good models look in this thing.

Another item in the box is a pair of BedHead Pajamas gifted directly from Arianna Huffington. That is not a joke. Don’t tell her I regifted.


What else? Hmmmm…. maybe your kid would like some of Hasbro’s new Little Kingdom Frozen Friendship Collection??? I received a box with sets for both Mazzy and Harlow and made the executive decision that they could share one pack. I’m so mean.


Remember when Mike and I went to the Australia event? Since we got two gift bags from the event (one of the best things about bringing Mike to these things), I included one whole swag bag in my swag bag. Pretty meta, right?


Then there’s a bunch of bunch of beauty supplies I got from a lunch at Refinery 29 during BeautyCon. That’s a big conference about beauty where I assume they talk about things like contouring and eyelash extensions. I also bet the people in attendance could tell you a thing or two about how to take a selfie.


What else is in there? I bunch of really random stuff. Like a big ass throw blanket.

IMG_3292 copy

And an owl lunchpack from Apple Park, one of my favorite eco-friendly brands for kids. Did you know that each Apple Park backpack and lunchpack are made from 100% recycled material from PET bottles? The lunchpack below saved 9 water bottles from going into a landfill. Pretty amazing.


Lastly, I’ve included a book of the month. “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?” is in honor of our sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History. Of course, in our case— THEY NEVER SLEEP.


I’d love to make a children’s book of month a part of every swag bag so if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below.

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