Last week, I posted a photo on the Mommy Shorts facebook page as an example of Harlow's evil glare. Several people thought Harlow could do better, so I combed through my photos and found the one above. If not evil, it is at the very least— disconcertingly intense. 

The Evil Baby Glare-Off has been under way for less than a week and already the amount of entries is so out of control, I'm not sure how the hell I am going to narrow it down to 32 finalists. If anyone wants to comb through over 700 submissions and "like" their favorites to help me out, THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

If you have a baby in the album, PLEASE TAG IT. This makes it much easier for me to get in touch with you, should your child make it in. 

Also. Remember last week when I talked about the Evil Lollipop Company (insert sinister music here) who was soliciting people for use of their glare-off photos for an upcoming campaign?

And I was all like, "Hey, Lollipop! WTF???"

Well, since then, I have been emailing with them about the situation and the lollipop company was like, "Hmmmm… we probably should have contacted you directly from the get-go."

And I was like, "Ya think?"

And then the lollipop was like, "We really love your blog and we didn't mean to step on your toes and did we mention how awesome you are?"

And then I was like, "Can you stop being so nice so I can continue hating you as planned???"

So, turns out, the Evil Lollipop Company is not so evil after all. They are Chupa Chups. And we are now friends.

Kinda like that time I hated the girl on the opposite end of my floor in college because we both liked the same guy but once the guy was revealed to be a total douche, we joined forces and ruled the school. Well, that's how it happened in the movie version. In reality, we just cried on eachother's shoulders and then had lunch in the dining hall.

Anyway, long story short…

Chupa Chups, obviously being big fans of the "Evil Baby Glare-Off", have agreed to supply the prizes for the winners. They also volunteered to thank me when they launch their own "Monster Kids" campaign, which is pretty cool of them.

How's that for a non-evil turn of events?

So. In addition to an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie, a framed tournament bracket and a Mommy Shorts mug, the winner of this year's Glare-Off will receive a $250 Amazon gift card courtesy of Chupa Chups, a big tin filled with 100 Chupa Chups lollipops, and Chuck, the slightly deranged Chupa Chups mascot who stars in their commercials.



Chupa Chups claims that Chuck is very popular overseas and has become a collectible, since he is not available for purchase. I have no idea if this is true, but I am willing to take their word for it. I also became somewhat enamored with Chuck when I saw him featured in the totally bizarre commercial below…


The runner-up will also receive an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie, a Mommy Shorts mug, a tin of 100 Chupa Chups lollipops, and a Chuck Doll.

The 3rd and 4th place winners will receive a Mommy Shorts mug and a Chuck doll as well.  

I am still accepting entries for the Evil Baby Glare-Off up through October 25th. Please submit them by posting them on the Mommy Shorts fanpage or posting to #mommyshorts_evilbabyglare and @mommyshorts on Instagram. FYI- If you are private on Instagram, I will not be able to see your photos.

(Please make sure you read the rules regarding photo submissions.)

If you want to be part of the Chupa Chups "Monster Kids" campaign, Chupa Chups is currently looking for videos of kids screaming or throwing a tantrum to be part of a compilation video about lollipops being the ultimate scream stopper. You can send your videos directly to chupachupsglobal@gmail.com.

Although, if you submit a video of your child throwing a tantrum, that might qualify you for some kind of "Evil Parent" contest…

Prizes include a Mommy Shorts mug, a Chupa Chups lollipop and free therapy sessions for your child.