My husband is notoriously hard to shop for. And he's terrible at hiding disappointment when he's not thrilled with a gift. Short of buying him a time traveling car that would take him back to 1985 where I had arranged a romantic evening with 13-year-old Alyssa Milano, I'm not sure there is anything on earth I could buy him that he'd be excited about.

This is why, this year, instead of spending months thinking of Mike's birthday gift only to have him give it a less than enthused response, I relinquished all present choosing duties to my daughter.

I asked Mazzy what she wanted to get her daddy for his birthday and she instantly had an answer.

"A baseball hat."

"Well, okay, then."

I went to Lids, picked out the coolest Yankee cap I could find and went up to the counter to purchase it.

The cashier asked me if I'd like to get anything embroidered on the back. Usually I hate an upsell but this one sounded interesting. 

"How much extra is it?"


"How long does it take?"

"Five minutes."


I engraved "Love, Mazzy" on the back and the only thing greater than Mike's excitement upon receiving it, was Mazzy's excitement while giving it to him.

This is one of those moments where I must pat myself on the back.

That time traveling car would have been EXPENSIVE.