When you have one child, nap time is as exciting as a five star adult only vacation. It is usually at least one solid hour of uninterrupted me-time in which you can do whatever it is that you chose. Provided you don’t leave the premises.

Of course, this time is best spent eating, showering or sleeping, since god knows you can’t do any of those things while you are taking care of a baby.

You must use that time very, very wisely.

With two children, things get a bit more complicated because rarely will two children nap at once. Nap time becomes the time you are trapped indoors with your three-year-old while your baby holds you all hostage.

Not Chutes and Ladders again! HELLLLLLP!!!!!

On Saturday mornings, Mike takes Mazzy to soccer. The timing lines up perfectly with Harlow’s nap and I am afforded at least one whole hour of childfree time.

I can’t leave the house to get my nails done or catch a movie, but no matter, because as a working mom, there are TONS of neglected things I need to get done around the house.

I can do the laundry, clean out my closets, store my summer clothes and take out my winter stuff, go through the toys to see if we can get rid of anything,┬áback up my computer, organize my hard drive, finally print out a photo album of the girls, send out invitations for Mazzy’s birthday party, make Harlow’s first year video, catch up on email, write blog posts for the week, reorganize the fridge, clean our bedroom, finish Mazzy’s school applications, create a media kit, take a shower, take that online parenting course I’ve been meaning to take, buy my family Chanukah presents online, or at the very least, take a much needed nap for myself.

What did I do this Saturday morning?

I watched Scandal on my iPad.

So worth it.