This is a picture that Mike texted me while he was at Costco shopping with Harlow. I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned for Harlow’s safety or impressed that Mike remembered to buy me tampons…either way, I was happy it wasn’t me pushing that cart.

Taking your kids to the supermarket has the potential to be the longest hour of your life. From siblings negotiating the seating arrangements in the cart, to tiny hands sneaking in junk food when you aren’t looking, here are just a small sampling of the things that can go wrong when you take your kids grocery shopping…

33 Things That Can Go Wrong When You Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping

1) When you tell your kid to get his shoes on because you’re going to the store

2) When it takes more time to choose a cart than it does to go shopping

3) When you’re not sure where you are going to put the groceries

4) When everyone can’t fit in the fun cart attachment

5) When your kids are all happy but everyone in the store hates you

6) When you just want to get in and get out as fast as possible

7) When you wonder if you can leave her there and then just retrieve her on your way out

8) When your kid catches sight of the vegetables

9) When you don’t remember putting powdered doughnuts in the cart

10) When you regret choosing a basket

11) When you’re a little jealous of how much your kid appears to be enjoying herself

12) When you are one snack-size bag away from crushing your kid

13) When the cart is full and you make your kid get out and walk

14) When they complain that the freezer section is freezing

15) When you give them a pen and paper to occupy themselves

16) When you were about five seconds away from calling the police

17) When you turn your head for a second

18) When your trip to the grocery store looks like a $%#@ parade

19) When you seriously consider buying out the entire aisle

20) When you honestly just wish you could join her at this point

21) When you’re pretty sure you didn’t own those sunglasses when you walked in

22) When you have way too many kids to keep track of

23) When that’s your kid but it’s not your cart

24) When your kid thinks he can talk you into buying 20 boxes of cookies

25) When you tell your kid that he can’t get the cereal with the prize inside.

26) When the seatbelt is broken and you think— what’s the worst that can happen?

27) When you have to explain that the North Pole must have run out of water

28) When you accidentally go grocery shopping during nap time

29) When your kid is just DONE

30) When you suddenly realize why every passing stranger has been smiling at you

31) When you catch them stealing candy at the check out

32) When you need to balance the bulk toilet paper on top because the bottom storage was taken

33) When you might not be able to ever show your face there again

Now. Going grocery shopping without your kids, on the other hand, can feel like vacation. I highly recommend it.