GIVEAWAY: $150 gift cards to Noch Mini, two winners


When the designer behind Noch Mini contacted me to do a giveaway for her summer collection, I took one look at the adorable clothes, imagined my two girls prancing aorund Manhattan in their designer duds, reducing children with lesser fashion sense to puddles of envious tears, and said, "I'll do it!"

I showed Mazzy the clothes online, got her excited about them and we all eagerly awaited their arrival in the mail. I thought, "I take adorable photos of my girls all the time! Surely, I'll be able to snap some shots of them looking adorable in designer clothes!" 

Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model? You know how Tyra goes through the selected photos at the end and says things like, "You're really selling the jacket" and "You made the clothes look expensive" and those are supposed to be huge compliments? Yeah. Well, now I know what's she's talking about.

Taking a good picture is one thing. Making the clothes look as good as they do in person, is quite another.

My first problem was I ordered Harlow's clothes too big. She's eight months now but she's tiny enough so that people on the street stop me to make sure she is eating enough. So… I would say the clothes wore Harlow rather than Harlow wore the clothes.



Before I continue, let me just say, Noch Mini is insanely cute. Their boys, girls and baby clothes are all modern simple shapes made with delicate details and organic high quality fabrics. They are certainly a huge step up from Mazzy and Harlow's regular wardrobe. But again, nice clothes don't always mean nice pictures.

Harlow wouldn't stop moving so most of the pictures of her looked like this:


Plopping her on the couch didn't work either. Those pictures were all either blurry because I was trying to snap the picture before she moved or blurry because she was about to hurl herself over the side.


This one is really selling the wall rather than her outfit:


And Tyra would have a field day with this next shot. I imagine her talking for ten minutes straight about "the importance of elongating your neck".


My favorite picture is one I've entitled, "Are these sleeves?"


Mazzy didn't fare much better. We started out on a semi-positive note with what I call "the preschooler catwalk". Also known as, "has this child been sneaking off to fashion shows when I think she's napping?" Seriously, I did not instruct her to do this…


Look how she makes use of the pockets, all casual-like…


I even got a few photos showing off the back of the dress, which is really the best part.



From there it devolved into some sort of behavioral meltdown. You would have thought she had just eaten a case of Pop Rocks after not sleeping for five days straight. I honestly don't know what is happening here…


When Noch Mini originally contacted me, we talked about putting the girls in complimentary outfits and taking pictures of them together. I imagined them looking stylish while showing beautiful displays of sisterly love.





I think Mazzy would definitely get the boot from America's Next Top Model for the blue underwear upskirt shot on the end.

Ultimately, I got one good shot of Harlow in her outfit where she looked only slightly peeved. But models are supposed to look slightly peeved, right?


And then a shot I call, "Are we done here?"


Nope. Not before Mazzy gives us one final "look".


Here are some pictures of the Noch Mini summer collection so you can see them in their full glory (aka off my children). You can check out their site to see photos of child models who actually know what they are doing.


Today, I'm giving away two Noch Mini gift cards for $150 a piece. One gift card will be given away in the comment section below and one will be given away on instagram.


1. You must be both a Mommy Shorts facebook fan and a Noch Mini facebook fan to enter. Then leave a comment below saying which Noch Mini item would have the best shot of looking as good on your kid as it does in the picture.

2. For a second entry, pin the graphic of the clothes above to Pinterest with the hashtags #babyfashion and #giveaway and leave a comment below that you did so.

3. For a third entry, tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment that you did so:

I just entered to win a baby fashion giveaway from Noch Mini via @mommyshorts

If you want to enter the instagram giveaway, check out my instagram feed (@mommyshorts) for the repost graphic and the rules.

Winner will be announced next Friday, July 26th. 

Good luck!