You know the drill… your kids are in the next room, playing with a loud toy that’s driving you nuts. So you go in and tell them to stop, but within five seconds, they’re right back at it. So you go in the room again and tell them again, in no uncertain terms, to CUT IT OUT. And yet, as soon as your back is turned, the noise is back.

Repeat until infinity.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll love watching 2-year-old Tegan Purdy’s dad turn the tables with a set of maracas. I’m guessing she’s been on the receiving end of a few “no, no”s in her day, based on the expert eye-contact-head-tilt-finger-wag combo that really shows she means business.

Make sure you watch until the very end, because you’ll see that Tegan truly has her parent impersonation perfected.

Sidenote: If Tegan is the Disciplinarian Parent in the above situation, then best supporting actor goes to her brother, seen playing the part of Non-Disciplinarian Parent. Don’t you love how he just sat on the couch the entire time, obliviously playing a game on his tablet? Genius!


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