Now that BABY MUGGING has officially flown the Mommy Shorts coop and is out there living on its on own, I think it's time we all moved on to something else.

How about some BABIES IN BANANAS?

It's an idea given to me by a facebook fan named Holly Paz awhile back. Thanks, Holly! I even posted about it here but didn't realize its true potential for adorableness until I started experimenting with Harlow.

I mean— does it get any more adorable than a baby in a banana?

It's kind of like a BABE IN A MUG, except instead of a MUG, it's a BANANA.

Do you need me to explain it further?

Okay, fine.


1) Find your baby.

2) Find a banana.

3) Peel and eat banana until about halfway down.

4) Hold half-eaten banana between your camera and your baby so that it obscures the bottom half of your baby's body making your baby looks like he/she is coming out of the banana peel.

5) Take a picture and post it on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage or on instagram tagging @mommyshorts and #babyinabanana.

I posted Harlow in a banana on instagram yesterday and I've already got a bunch of fine people jumping on the banana wagon. 

Get it? It's like BAND wagon, except instead of BAND, it's BANANA.

Never mind.

Check it…


Clockwise from top left: @mrs_pounds, @loveloulabel, @sarahonstad8, @sublimejen, @mommyshorts, @aliciazoegarcia, @msjackie33, @stroganchik and @ericawring.

Okay- who's got an idea for the next baby photo meme? We gotta stay one step ahead of Kimmel!


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