Yesterday at work, we had cupcakes to celebrate the success of baby mugging. Well, actually, I believe it was for a co-worker’s birthday, but in my mind, everything is about baby mugging these days.

Do you like my repetitious use of baby mugging? It’s for SEO purposes so all “baby mugging” search queries lead back to me. This is what my life has come to. Baby mugging.

Anyway, this cupcake party gave me my idea for my post today. Because I might be up to my ears in baby mugging, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to impart CUPCAKE KNOW-HOW that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Before I learned the secret to eating a cupcake, my preferred method was shoving it into a cup and eating it with a spoon. Yep. Cupcake in a cup. It allows you to correctly distribute the ratio of cake to icing in every bite.

Genius, right?

That’s NOTHING. Mere child’s play. I was so naive back then. I wasn’t even baby mugging yet.

At some point, someone saw me eating my cupcake in a cup and taught me the secret to eating a cupcake. It was so long ago, I honestly don’t remember who it was or else I would give them credit. Because every time I eat a cupcake amongst people who have never seen me eat a cupcake before, I CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOREVER.

Ready? “The Secret to Eating a Cupcake” in three simple steps…

The secret to eating a cupcake finally revealed!


(Baby mugging, baby mugging, baby mugging.)


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The secret to easily eating a cupcake finally revealed!