Best of Baby Design: Rug

Check out these awesome IVI 3-D play rugs from Luca & Company.

The rugs are 3 X 5 feet, cost $149.99 on Amazon and come in "dollhouse" (pink or hot pink) and "traffic" (blue or green). I am not going to call them "girl" and "boy" versions because Mazzy would love both. Plus my sister had a HUGE matchbox collection growing up and used the grout between the kitchen tiles as roads.

I, of course, am all about the pink one. Barbies and unicorns and Lisa Frank stickers and MY GOD I was such a GIRL when I was little.

Check out the "dollhouse". (Squeeeeee!!!!!)


Do you love it? Do you want to put one in every room of your house???

Just remember to wear shoes at all times. Something tells me nothing hurts more than a bare foot at midnight landing on the top of Barbie's flatscreen.