I debated whether to post today. Typically, I am terrible with expressing myself in a tragedy. I am always so worried about saying the wrong thing that my sentiments sound canned and generic. Writing about the bombings in Boston seem like it only serves to make myself feel better for acknowledging it, because I have nothing important to say beyond the fact that I am as sad and horrified as everyone else.

This morning, I talked to a few friends who said people are looking for a reason to smile today. I hope that's true. 

If you want to hear thoughtful perspectives on yesterday's events fueled by a love of Boston and the human race, I suggest "The Boston Marathon is F'ing Amazing and So Are Most People" by Baby Sideburns (a Boston native) and "If You are Losing Faith in Human Nature, Go Out and Watch a Marathon" from the Washington Post. I also suggest reading these twenty quotes from Mister Rogers.

If you want a simple smile, I'm posting babies in mugs.

'Baby Mugging' is much easier to pull off than my fancy photoshopped pictures of Harlow last week. 'Baby Mugging' is actually holding a mug in front of your baby, so that it competely obscures their body and snapping a photo. That's it. No photoshop necessary.

You can even do 'Toddler Mugging'.


Or 'Dog Mugging'.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.09.55 AM

In fact, Baby/Toddler/Pet Mugging is so easy, I asked people on Instagram to submit pictures under the hashtag #babeinamug and I already have a bunch of submissions.


Photos (clockwise from top left) by @scritch85, @feediebodie, @scritch85, @michelleleies, @cbrickfix, @hismrshermr, @sarahonstad8, @katy_burg and @brennafly on Instagram. Dog in a mug is by @sarahjanelp.

Would you like to put your baby in a mug?

I'll even give you a little incentive. If you upload your picture to the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage or post it on Instagram under the hashtag #babeinamug, I'll give one lucky participant (selected at random) their very own Mommy Shorts Mug.


The Mommy Shorts Mug makes your morning coffee taste ten times better, will retain the optimal temperature for as long as possible and even suggest a second cup if the caffeine in one cup of coffee does not sufficiently wake you up enough to start your day. 

It also features a perfectly placed handle to protect your hand should your mug get too hot, although you can't see it in the picture.

It does not make this world a better place to live or give you the words to explain your overwhelming sadness to your children, but it would if it could.

If you don't want to take your chances with the whole 'babe in a mug' thing, you can buy the Mommy Shorts Mug by clicking here

For everyone else, I'll be anouncing the winner this Friday.

I hope all my readers who live in Boston or were there for the marathon yesterday are safe and home with their children today.

Thinking of you all,

— Mommy Shorts