Whether you can't get enough of Baby Mugging or you can't wait for it to fade into the night with the likes of planking and Tebowing, there is no question that it dominated my week.

For those of you in the "can't get enough" category, I created a Baby Mugging facebook page specifically for you. For those in the "let it die a quick and painful death", no worries— I get it. From now on, the Mommy Shorts facebook page will only update you with the most important of Baby Mugging news.

You know, like this…

Yep, that's the official PBS instagram account mugging Cookie Monster. HOW COOL IS THAT???? 

There were many happy surprises this week (like being in the middle of writing Tuesday's blog post when Baby Mugging happened to appear on Jimmy Kimmel) and also disappointments (like getting bumped from Good Morning America because Amanda Knox's interview ran over).

My favorite response to Baby Mugging getting bumped was from a woman named Kasey Wallace on my fanpage. I liked her comment so much, I turned it into a bumper sticker:


Explaining your bumper sticker to your friends would be only slightly less complicated than explaining the definition of a meme to my mom. If anyone would like to give that a go, let me know. I tried and failed last night.

If you haven't seen Baby Mugging on Jimmy Kimmel yet, here you go. The clip ends with a full frontal of Martin Short, so be prepared.


FYI- Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Mugging was trending #1 on Hulu yesterday over videos featuring Ellen, Gary Busey and Stephen Colbert. So, if I am to understand that in mathematical terms, I think it goes a little something like this:


It's nice to know where you stand in the land of popular culture.

Believe it or not, Jimmy Kimmel calling Baby Mugging "not annoying" is probably my favorite compliment of all time. So I will forgive him for not giving me credit. I understand that it doesn't really fit with the format of the show, and with things like memes, in order for them to really succeed, you have to let them go and be their own thing in the world. 

Fly, Baby Mugging, FLY!!!!!

But that doesn't mean I won't lap up the credit when I can get it. On Wednesday, a show called Right This Minute did a segment on Baby Mugging and even skyped me in to talk about it. Granted, I had never heard of Right This Minute before Wednesday, but no matter, it is now my favorite show…


The only reason my hair looks so perfectly coiffed is because I did a Headline News segment earlier in the day and went through their hair and make-up.

FYI- I was not nearly as happy with my HLN appearance as the one above. It was to promote a new Babble book on breastfeeding, in which I am featured, but I didn't realize they intended for the television segment to be controversial until I was there.

I have a place in the "mommy blogging" world and it is not to be provactive about breastfeeding. Whether it be with babies in mugs or visions of me pumping in an office with floor to ceiling windows, I'm just trying to make people smile. 

God knows, if there is one thing I learned while watching myself on television this week, it's that I look much better when I am smiling.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts