Hopefully, Amy is JUST KIDDING about letting her kids set up a zip line down the staircase while she stays in bed because if she’s NOT kidding, I should probably send Child Protective Services to deliver her brand new Serta iComfort mattress with adjustable foundation.


Now hand over your kids.

Second place went to Sara, who might murder Amy in her sleep, because she lost by about 7 votes. Should be super easy because Amy is going to be in a deep deep childless sleep.


Third place went to Beth who seems like she prefers to use her mattress for something other than sleeping.


Sara and Beth will both receive two iComfort pillows plus a Queen or King size Serta Luxury Fleece blanket.

But the real story is the grand prize, otherwise known as the Serta iComfort Sleep System.


The Serta iComfort mattress features Serta’s latest dual-action gel memory foam technology, ranging from extra-firm to luxuriously plush, so every type of sleeper can find their perfect match.

The Serta adjustable foundation was built because people do much more in their bed these days beyond sleeping. They check email, watch TV and work on their laptops. In addition to lumbar support, 90-degree head tilt support and massage options, the Serta adjustable foundation has a wireless motion-sensitive backlit remote, Bluetooth Connectivity, a wireless speaker system, USB power ports and convenient lighting.

To select your perfect mattress, check out the mattress selector on the Serta website.

Thank you for everyone who entered and to Serta for sponsoring the contest!

We promise, we really do get up out of our beds to take care of our kids.

I think.