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This weekend, we had guests stay over our house and every time I tried to turn on the TV in the den, it was 50 shades of FUCKED UP. The picture wouldn't come on or the volume wouldn't work or the volume was so loud, I almost blew out everyone's ear drums.

Turns out, my friend's one-year-old was messing with the remotes when nobody was looking.

Which is pretty much what Harlow has been doing for the past year. The only reason I was even in the den is because I can no longer turn on the TV in my bedroom without asking my husband for help. Harlow messes with that remote daily and I don't have the technical ability to undo whatever it is that she does. 

It's no wonder that babies love remotes. They have tons of buttons, they glow in the dark, they turn on that magical contraption with Elmo and Caillou inside… and, it's the thing all the adults in the room are always looking for!

Babies don't even need to know about television to appreciate the significance of a remote. Take this baby in the video below. He ogles the remote like he already knows it will be central to all his entertainment needs for the rest of his life.

The parents think it's cute now, but wait until that kid goes mobile. I bet they stop laughing on the day they can't turn on their own TV.