Mazzy is a picky eater. She has been since the second we introduced solids. After two years of struggling to get my daughter to sit down for a meal, I have boiled it down to this: Mazzy finds food boring and would rather do anything else than sit at a table and eat it.

How this food-averse person is related to me, I have no idea.

As a result, Mazzy does a lot of her eating on the go. We have baggies of mini-carrots, containers of sliced melon, packets of almonds and numerous other healthy snacks that can be eaten by hand while sitting in the stroller. 

One of the on-the-go options we have come to depend on is baby food pouches.

I know Mazzy is almost three and baby food pouches seem like something a one-year-old should be eating, but they are nutritious, portable and a sneaky way to get my daughter to eat some fruits and vegetables. 

Also, there is no prep whatsoever, so when you are running around the house, throwing things in the diaper bag, trying not to be late for a very important playdate, it's easy to take a pouch out of the cabinet, hand it over to your child and go.

Especially, since kids can self-feed with a pouch from a very early age.

One brand of baby food pouches we have been introduced to recently is up&up, an exclusive brand for Target. They are available in a wide range of age stages (1-4) and come in fun flavors like Plum Banana, Banana Pumpkin and Pea Pear. As with all of Target's up&up products, they are high quality and well-designed at a lower price point.

Most importantly, Mazzy likes them. There is no better review than an incredibly picky toddler sucking one back and asking for another.

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This is a sponsored post from Target Up&Up but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.