GIVEAWAY: Toydozer, see end of post for details

I feel like I've been mentioning the extreme pain of stepping on a LEGO barefoot a little too often lately. I know I referenced it at least twice this month— both in Porn for Moms of Toddlers and Mathematical Mom Problems.

And then I started noticing "EXTREME LEGO PAIN" references all over the place.

Apparently, there is a whole "I hope you step on a LEGO" meme that basically alludes to "stepping on a LEGO" as the worst possible fate you could wish upon another person. A fate worse than watching a marathon of FASHION STAR starring Jessica Simpson, which is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING.

Check out five of my favorite finds on the subject:


Found on Know Your Meme.

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 11.21.14 PM

Found on Funstoo.


Found on The Inquistr.


Found on Consider Magazine.


Found on Know Your Meme.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the movie in the above picture.

Anyway, when a company called TOYDOZER contacted me to partner with them, I checked out their site, noticed that their product is all about easily clearing your carpets of LEGOS and thought— HOLY CRAP! THESE PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY SAVING LIVES!!! Of course, I will work with you. I don't do nearly enough for the greater good!


The Toydozer is composed of two parts (the plastic "gatherer" and the "scoop") and aims to make cleaning up both easy and fun. Plus, it's way harder for a renegade LEGO to hide out in the carpet awaiting your barefoot midnight voyage through the play area when it's up against the blade of a DOZER.

Just to be clear, they also clear the floor of non-LEGO-type toys like blocks, puzzle pieces and those maddeningly tiny Disney Princess rubberized shoes. It comes in three colors— purple, yellow and blue and is available exclusively at


I received two in the mail last week and Mazzy really likes it, although she has yet to use it correctly. For some reason, she prefers to use the rounded side of the gatherer down. No matter what I say or do, she is INSISTENT. (Totally questioning her intelligence level because this thing is pretty dumb simple even for a toddler.)  

Whatever she's doing, it definitely makes clean-up time less of a chore for both us. She thinks she's still playing and I get to clean-up in less than half the time.

Dad still sits on the couch, in case you were wondering.

So that everyone can have an opportunity of saving their own feet with the TOYDOZER, I am doing two things today. 

First, TOYDOZER (regularly $18.99) is giving Mommy Shorts readers 20% off by using the code BLOGGER20 at

Secondly, I'm having a giveaway! There will be TWO WINNERS. Check out the details below. 



1. You must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan or a subscriber to enter. Then, name the toy that wreaks the most havoc on your home in the comment section below.

2. For a second entry, post a picture on my facebook fanpage of your messy toy area. Then leave a second comment saying you did so below. 

IMPORTANT: I will pick one winner at random from the comment section and one winner based on the photo entries— I'll be selecting the photo I deem most deserving of some help.

3. For a third entry, tweet the giveaway:

I just saved my foot from DEATH BY LEGO by entering the @Toydozer #giveaway via @mommyshorts

Winners will be announced on April 6th.

Be sure to check out Toydozer on Facebook and good luck! 


This post is part of a Toydozer blogger outreach campaign. Participating bloggers have been provided with a complimentary Toydozer to review and have been compensated for their time.