This week's baby profiling belongs to a LEGO fanatic, a boob man and a little girl named Piper who was supposed to be a Patrick. If you would like your baby profiled please click here. If you have a blog, please feel free to link your answers back to your own posts.

Piper1(2)  Name: Piper

  Nickname: Piggles, Pipes or

  Build: Piglet-esque

  Signature Style: Lots of blue
  since the stupid ultrasound tech
  told Mommy at four different
  appointments that I was a boy

Favorite Grub: My thumb

Favorite Book: Anything drool or chew proof

Pet Peeve: Why does Mommy always have a big fat Nikon in my face?

Best Trick: Sleeping 13 hours through the night by 4 weeks old just like my big sis did (Editor's note: Wanna switch babies?)

Biggest Adversary: The cats and their very pullable whiskers

Future Career: Professional blogger

Greatest Achievement: Being born w/a knot in my cord and living to tell the tale


IMG_0999(2)   Name: Jack

  Nickname: Jackie Papers

  Build: Tiny little boxer

  Signature Style: V-neck tee
  and diaper

  Favorite Grub: The Boob

  Can't Live Without: The Boob

Favorite Book: Whatever his big brother is reading

Pet Peeve: That butt wipe better be warm!

Best Trick: The runner up poop after every diaper change

Future Career: Heartbreaker


IMG_0323  Name: Max

  Nickname: Little Lazer

  Build: Long and lean

  Signature Style: Non-swishy
  pants and graphic tees

  Favorite Grub: Blueberries

  Can't Live Without: LEGOS

Favorite Book: The LEGO Dictionary

Favorite Game: Chess

Pet Peeve: Must have a lego on his person at all times (Editor's Note: I don't want to be there on the day mom messes that one up!)

Best Trick:  You see this marble? Now watch these cups closely…

Future Career: Star Wars Storm Trooper (if they are not hiring then an engineer)