15One of my best pals in Blogland is Nicole from Ninja Mom. She runs a series every Friday called "Character Assassination Carousel" where each participant rips a classic piece of children's literature to shreds.

My original intent was to roast those stupidly-sadsack-grammatically-challenged creatures from the Hundred Acre Woods, otherwise known as Pooh & Friends.

But then I realized today is Dr. Seuss's birthday and it would be weird not to give him his due.

This posed a bit of an issue because I wasn't sure it was appropriate to insult a dead man. And as far as children's authors go, I kind of like the guy.

So… instead I decided to rewrite his book.

Authors never mind when you rework their words, right? Especially after they're dead?

I chose "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" because really, it's way too vague for my taste. What are these "great places" exactly? The pediatrician's office? The sale rack at Baby Gap? Where's this "mountain" I'm supposed to move? And why oh why is success "98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed"???

Overpromise much, Dr. Seuss?

A reality-based version of Dr. Seuss's last and best-selling book is clearly what we need and since this is a parenting blog, I'm writing it specifically as on 'ode to new moms'.

Ready? Deep breath….


Today is your day.
You're off to great places.
You're off and away.

You have spit-up in your hair.
You have pee on your shoes.
You can steer yourself
to any place (with a changing table) you choose

You're not on your own.
You don't know what's to come.
Because you've got a new baby
that's about to steal all your fun!

You'll look up and down streets.
Look 'em over with care.
About some places you'll say,
"Oh! I miss going there!"

With your head full of mush
and shoes aching your feet
you'll wear sweatpants outdoors
as if admitting defeat.

And you may not find
any other mothers you like.
In that case, of course
you'll have to talk to your tike!

He won't respond.
Babies rarely do.
So you'll talk to yourself
saying MOO, BAH and GOO.

And then things start to happen.
He'll sit up, he'll stand.
And you'll act like these feats
are the second coming of man.

Oh! The places you'll go!

To 'Buy Buy Baby' and more!
You'll be confronted with bottles
swaddles, breast pumps GALORE! 

You won't lag behind 
because you've spent over a grand
on a ridiculous stroller
that was in high demand.

You'll be judged by other mothers
for your lack of routine.
You'll secretly wonder
how your friend's house is so clean.

But one look at his face
and it's totally worth it.
If you went back in time
you wouldn't do anything different.

Except when you don't.
Because sometimes you won't.

I'm sorry to say so,
but sadly it's true.
The puke
and the poop
can all get to you.

You'll hide in the bathroom.
You'll fight with your spouse.
You'll want to run screaming
right out of your house!

Your hair will fall out.
The baby weight lingers.
You'll try your best
not to point any fingers.

You'll remember a time 
when you used to shower
and didn't wake up 
at such an ungodly hour.

You'll wear the same pants
four, five, six days in a row.
You'll look around wondering
if anyone knows.

The diapers will pile
higher than heaven.
On a scale up to ten
the stench is eleven!

Then a stomachbug will tear
it's way through your home.
And you'll think this is it!
Engrave my tombstone!

But just as you hit
an all-time lowest low,
you will say to yourself
"Not me! No! No! No!"

The puke and the poop
may make a big mess.
How the diaper genie broke
is anyone's guess.
Yes, it's been many months
without a good rest,
but my baby— 
well… he is the BEST!

And then you'll take on
a new kind of stance.
One who doesn't leave
their child's future up to chance.

Oh! The places he'll go!
There's a genius right here!
With proper instruction
he can skip many years!

The advanced things he says
off the top of his head,
are surely the skills
leading up to pre-med!

Rich! He'll be rich!
As rich people can be!
And then all my friends
will be jealous of me!

Except when they don't.
Because sometimes they won't.

I'm afraid that sometimes
you'll have to admit
that your baby
just can't make that square blue peg fit.

And like it or not,
you'll come back to reality.
Where you'll realize that motherhood
has taken part of your sanity.

But on you will go
though the sippy cups leak.
On you will go
though lack of sleep makes you weak.
On you will go
wiping snot off your kid's nose.
On you will go
because it's the life that you chose.

Onward to many
a preschool event.
Though your pockets are drained
from the last commitment.

Soon you will realize 
with care and great tact
that Life is nothing but
a Great Balancing Act.

Before you know it,
you're a seasoned parent at bat,
telling the woman with the newborn
to put on his hat. 

Please never forget
to be nice to new mothers.
You don't have anybody
if you don't have each other.

So… be you helicopter,
attachment or montessori,
or an organic French tiger mom
who never does worry,
you're off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your children are waiting.
They'll all be okay.  


Damn. Dr. Seuss books are kind of long, no?

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