Arhaus, denmark

Sometimes I find myself searching for something random like "Most Awesome Lego Structures" and then I stumble upon something even more awesome like Dispatchwork from artist Jan Vormann.

Dispatchwork is a global art installation that uses LEGOs to repair holes and cracks in walls and sidewalks throughout the world (like the photo taken in Denmark above). Anyone can participate and send in their photos to be featured on the Dispatchwork site. I even found a photo of a LEGO installation from across the street from my old office. 

An additional plus to urban LEGO art is that people usually wear shoes when walking on city streets so there's little danger of ripping a hole in the middle of your foot by stepping barefoot on a LEGO in the dark. You could even choose to take the LEGO deathtraps currently lurking in your carpet and use them to create a fun family Dispatchwork Day. Your kids won't realize their LEGOs are gone forever until it's too late. 

Everybody wins!

Below are just a few of my favorite Dispatchwork pictures.

Bocchignano, Italy:

Bocchignano, italy

Quito, Equador:

Quito, equador

Tel Aviv, Israel:

Telaviv, israel

Tokyo, Japan:


Toulouse, France:

Toulouse, france

Valparaiso, Chile:

Valparaiso, chile

New York, New York


Sremski Karlovci, Serbia:

Sremski karlovci, serbia

Arnsberg, Germany:

Arnsberg, germany

Barcelona, Spain:


Venice, Italy:


And here you thought LEGOs were just for stirring up gender-based controversy and Jon Hamm foot massages!