GIVEAWAY: Oreck AirInstinct 200 Air Purifier ($500 value)

As most of my regular readers know, I have spent a large portion of the last few months with a bad case of laryngitis.

I'm currently seeing an ENT, a speech pathologist, and an allergist all trying to help me fully regain my voice. One of the things they all recommended was to get an air purifier.

Which was funny because I had recently received an Oreck AirInstinct 200 HEPA Air Purifier to review and give away on Mommy Shorts.

It was sitting unattended in a box in our hallway for over a month, waiting for my husband to find the strength within himself to open the box and set it up.

"Do air purifiers really work?" I asked the allergist.

"They purify the air," She deadpanned as if I had asked the stupidest question on earth.

Later that evening, I asked Mike once again to set the thing up. "Doctor's orders!"

He looked at me like I was asking him to move the refrigerator to the sidewalk. Then he took the air purifier out of the box, put it in the bedroom and plugged it in.

"That's it?? Why couldn't you have done that weeks ago?"

"Why couldn't YOU have done that weeks ago?"


Turns out, the Oreck AirInstinct is a very cool-looking machine (see above). I imagine if Apple made an air purifier, this is what it would look like. Sleek, white and modern. It's also incredibly quiet, child-safe and the filter lasts for THREE YEARS.

But that's not all.

Later that night, as my husband and I got into bed, Mike turned to me with a huge smile.

"What are you so happy about all of a sudden?"

"The air purifier says it's 'sexy time'."

"Excuse me?"

"Take a look."

I looked over and sure enough, the air purifier was glowing a purplish color like we had just turned on the mood lighting in an hourly Vegas motel room. 

Apparently, the AirInstinct continuously checks particles passing through its sensor and adjusts its air flow speed accordingly. Then it glows different colors depending on how hard it is working to purify the air.


It's pretty cool because when you open a window or someone walks in the room, you may see the color change indicating the air suddenly needs some additional purifying.

This, of course, is a great feature for which to harrass your friends.

"What the hell did YOU do last night?' you can ask. "My air purifer went on RED ALERT the second you entered the room!"

Doesn't that sound FUN?

If not, you can opt to turn off the lighting function entirely. It will continue to do it's job either way.

My husband, of course, insists on keeping our mood lighting on. For the past few weeks, the Oreck AirInstinct 200 has become his favorite new thing.

"Guess what the air purifier is thinking…"

"The air purifier would like you to join me in the bedroom…"

"The air purifier says to put on that purple number I got you for Valentine's Day…"

Or sometimes he simply cocks his head ever so sightly in the direction of the AirInstinct's pink glow and employs a less-than-subtle eye brow raise.

"You realize this is the least sexy foreplay EVER."

Still, I'm embarassed to say: IT WORKS.

Would you like to clean your air of pollutants and get it on with your significant other at the same time too?

Well, lucky you! Because I am giving away an air purifying aphrodisiac to one of my readers today! The Oreck AirInstinct is a $500 piece of top-of-the-line equipment so this giveaway is NO JOKE.

Enter by following the rules below.



1) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. If you are not one already, you can become one by clicking here.

Then visit and tell me one thing you learned about the AirInstinct in the comment section below. (If you can somehow turn it into a double entendre or a lame pick-up line, that would be AWESOME, but not required.)

2) For a second entry, leave a second comment after tweeting the following:

I entered to win a $500 @Oreck Air Purifier via @mommyshorts. #giveaway 

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Winner will be announced Friday, March 16th.

Good luck!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Cdnkaro who was selected by the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to win the super sexy Oreck AirInstinct. What was the winner air purifying innuendo? 

"When you open the door, it shuts itself off. Kind of like adult sexy time when kids walk in the room."

Please contact me at to claim your prize!


Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. I also received an AirInstinct in return for my review. The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states.