Screen shot 2012-03-15 at 12.44.50 AMI don't normally talk beauty unless I have made a very exciting discovery. The last one was buying men's skinny jeans for myself— which I still do.

This one is about MY NEW HAIR.

Ever since I began posting my YouTube show (new episode up today!), people have been asking me to do a hair tutorial.

I'm not sure if this is a joke or not but this is NOT THAT HAIR TUTORIAL.

My regular hairstyle is achieved with a blow dryer and a flat iron. There is no secret. Nothing interesting to look at. Just me sweating in my bathroom, exercising my upper arms, hoping I don't burn myself, praying it will all be over soon.

But NOW, everything has changed. And when I say everything has changed, I mean that I have been flat ironing my hair almost every day for eight years and this month, I have hardly used my iron AT ALL.

When I went away to Utah last week?


I'm not sure if you know how major that is, but you'll just have to trust me.

Last month, Babble did a beauty round-up in which I was featured. There's a photo of me and I talk about my love of Make Up For Ever HD Powder .

But that's not important. 

What is important, is that another blogger named Melissa Jordan, talked about a hair tutorial for heat-free curls, she had seen online that changed her life.

In her picture, her hair was doing exactly the sort of thing I have always wanted my hair to do— a natural looking no-frizz wave, straight on top with loose curls that started somewhere around her ear. Basically a look I had previously thought was only acquired with a team of experts in the TRESemmé hair salon.

I was a little skeptical so I clicked on the link and watched a frizzy-course-haired woman, wrap her hair in a headband, sleep in it overnight and suddenly transform into a PANTEEN model.

So I got out the sweatband I usually use when I wash my face and gave it a shot.

Miracle of miracles— it worked!

Here's a "during" picture. Try not to laugh.


And here's an after:


I can't tell you how long I have been trying and failing to achieve this look. Even with a stylist for a special event— my hair always comes out like a French poodle crossed with a four-year-old in a peagant.

Before I show you the woman's video, I want to say three things.

1) I can't braid my own hair and the only up-do I've ever mastered is a pony tail— but I found this hair wrapping thing ridiculously easy. It takes about two minutes and it doesn't have to be perfect for it to work.

2) I tried leaving the hairband in overnight, like the woman does, but it was too curly. What I do now is put it on after a quick blow dry in the morning, then keep it on for about an hour while I put on make-up, get dressed, have breakfast, play with Mazzy and then remove it before I go to work. 

3) She uses some product throughout but I only use a little hairspray at the end. I like Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold

The hair tutorial's biggest fan?

My husband. 

I think it's mostly because I don't monopolize the bathroom in the morning as much.


Please let me know if you try it and it works for you!

And if there are any other hair secrets I should have known about years ago, do tell.


Check out the newest episode of the Mommy Shorts Show! I'm talking about Snooki, Fantasy Island and Mazzy's Big Audition. My hair is straight though. Maybe I'll try wavy for the next one.