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I haven’t posted a video of Harlow dancing in awhile for a few reasons. 1) Most of the time, Harlow requires that I put the phone down and dance with her. 2) Mazzy’s favorite past time is blocking Harlow’s dancing so that my attention is diverted back towards her.

All this doesn’t mean that Harlow has stopped singing and dancing. Quite the opposite— she performs more than ever. She sang and danced straight through our recent trip to Copenhagen. She sings along to every pop song on the ride over to camp. She even made me stay in the car one day so we could wait until “This is What You Came for” was finished before getting out.

One of my favorite Harlow moments was the other day. She was singing her heart out for me (a Harlow original) when Mike and Mazzy entered the room. Harlow stopped them in their tracks.

“This show is JUST FOR MOMMY, because Mommy really likes my shows.”

It felt nice to know that Harlow notices how much I appreciate and encourage her singing and dancing. And it’s not just because I want her to do the stuff she loves (although that’s a big part of it.) It’s because her performances bring me so much joy. I don’t know where she gets her moves from— certainly not from me. She just feels the music and goes with it and it’s hilarious and wonderful. Her moves make me wish I could dance without any inhibitions or outside influences too.

Seriously. Try not to smile while you watch her dance to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.”

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