That's right, I'm throwing a twitter party. If you've never been to a twitter party before, join the club. I haven't either. In fact many of the people I have asked to help me throw this party have never done a twitter party before. For example, my co-host. Who's my co-host?

Wait for it.

Kate and Lydia. The famously hilarious ladies behind RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND (@mommylandrants).

Color me a little excited about this fact.

Why would I ask someone who isn't a seasoned twitter party professional to co-host? Because I'd rather have a really fun party than a really professional one.

Wouldn't you?

I've also called upon some of the funniest moms I know on twitter to moderate: @suburbansnaps, @buriedwithkids and @ninjamomblog.

If you are not already following these people (or if you are new to twitter and want to follow some very clever very nice people), I suggest following them all now.

And just because I don't want my party to be the social media version of a chicken running around with it's head cut off, I have also asked my very good friend @theculturemom to help me with all the nitty gritty details. She's my ace in the hole— someone who has done this many times before. She'll be helping me give away the prizes throughout the evening.

What prizes, you ask?

Well, the party is sponsored by ALEX TOYS.

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 8.47.17 AM

If you don't know Alex Toys, they make toys designed to help develop creativity in kids. They've won over 300 toy awards and are currently up for TOTY Toy of the Year. They are giving away over $300 in prizes including My Art Case, Craft All Day, Bubble Art, Tasty Treat Shop and Puppet Theater.

The topic for the party is "kids and creativity" and we will be talking about things like messiest craft projects, art fails, throwing out your kid's work (GASP!) and crafts from '80s. 

Are you in?


Time: 10-11pm EST on Wednesday the 7th.

Sponsor: Alex Toys (@alextoys)

Hashtag: #alextoyshour

Topic: Kids and Creativity

Prizes: Ten Alex Toys (total value $330), at least one given out every ten minutes

Hosts: @mommyshorts, @mommylandrants

Moderators: @suburbansnaps, @buriedwithkids, @ninjamomblog

Prize wrangler: @theculturemom

RSVP: Please fill out Mr. Linky below. Use your twitter handle as your name and your twitter url as your url. (Example: @mommyshorts,

If you'd like to help promote the party (I might even pick one of the prize winners from those who promoted the event), use the hashtag and say something like:

Join @mommyshorts & @mommylandrants for a twitter party on kids & creativity Wed 12/7, 10pm ET. RSVP #alextoyshour 

I hope to see you guys there! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below.

And wish me luck!