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Julie, our current Caption Contest Queen, has officially handed over the crown to Marnie for her fantastic caption depicted up top. Congratulations, Marnie! You get the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest.

Honorable mentions go to Heidi from Madame Paradox who wrote:

"When I asked you if this tub makes me look fat, you weren't supposed to say YES."

and Tracy from Sellabitmum who wrote:

"Hey Mama!!! Brett just sprayed me with his funny looking bath toy again!!!"

You can read all 52 captions here. Thanks to Samantha for submitting this picture of her peeved naked children. Let this be a lesson to you all. Never put two kids in a tub without a myriad of bath toys to distract them from one another. 



Episode3thumbnailsmallThis week I posted the third episode of The Mommy Shorts Show. I'm talking about the Duggars' 20th kid, Seth Rogen's doppleganger and Mazzy's latest Justin Bieber impersonation. You can check out all three episodes here.

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I'm looking for pictures of kids (the younger the better) decked out in their favorite football team gear. If you've got a picture, please post it on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage with your kid's name.

For example, here's 10 day-old Stephen getting crushed under the weight of his love for the Titans.




Congratulations to Aiden who took home a Colossal Cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop for "Biggest Sugar Coma" last week. He will compete against Cheech, Edward, Derek and Maggie for "Best Overall Smash" on December 9th. Winner takes home a $100 Crumbs gift card to recreate the moment and then some.

This week's round is being held a little differently. There will be no captions. We're looking at "Most Professional Smash" (kids who look like they speed eat cakes for a living) and your only criteria is…

If this were a cake eating contest, who would finish first?


Winner will get a Colossal Cupcake ($42) from Crumbs Bakeshop and the chance to turn it into an $100 Crumbs gift card next week in the final round. You can still submit photos by posting them on the wall of the fanpage up until the end. "Best Overall Smash" will include all the winners thus far, plus a few surprises.

May the best smash win!

— Mommy Shorts



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