It’s hard for people without kids to understand the true depths of exhaustion experienced by parents of toddlers, but in her latest video, Kristina Kuzmic comes about as close to explaining it as anyone possibly could.

Not sure why parents of small children are so tired? “Pretend what you’re about to see is your roommate, who you are one hundred percent responsible for,” she begins. Then, playing the part of a little kid, she reenacts a number of scenes that every toddler on Earth has participated in (often all in the course of a single day), and all I can say— Kristina’s dedication to playing the part of a toddler is impressive. I mean, this video took COMMITMENT.

Did she actually cut her own hair? Is she really eating that dirt? DID SHE SERIOUSLY JUST DUMP SPAGHETTI ALL OVER HER WHITE T-SHIRT?

One thing’s for sure—as crazy as it is to see a grown woman wiping toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror, refusing to eat a sandwich because “it feels funny in my hands,” or throwing a full-blown tantrum on the floor at the grocery store, it’s the unmistakable reality of living with a two or three-year-old.

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

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