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For the past few weeks, I've been collecting cake smash photos on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage for something I'm calling "The Colossal Cake Smash Smackdown". Above are just three of the 73 kids submitted thus far (see entry details below) and I assure you, they've already got some tough competition.

How exactly is the contest going to work? I finally got it all figured out…


The Colossal Cake Smash Smackdown is sponsored by none other than Crumbs Bake Shop. If you've been a fan for awhile, you know that Crumbs makes those monsterously delicious Colossal Cupcakes that feed 6-8 people. (Or one very little person, depending on how big your baby's mouth is.) If you don't have a Crumbs Bake Shop near you, they deliver anywhere in the country and you can check out all their goods HERE.


Throughout the contest I will be giving out FOUR Colossals ($42 each), FIVE $18 Crumbs gift certificates and ONE grand prize $100 Crumbs gift certificate.


Every Friday starting November 11th, I will be pitting ten cake smash photos against eachother for titles such as "Most Coverage", "Most Miserable" and "Most Likely To Still Be In A Sugar Coma". Weekly winners will win a Colossal. 


All weekly winners (plus a few wildcards) will compete for "Best Overall Cakesmash" and an $100 Crumbs Bake Shop gift card* on Friday, December 9th— Mazzy's birthday.


Photos will be accepted up until the very end by posting them on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. You need to include your child's name (or give them a nickname) to enter.



To kick off the contest, Crumbs has invited me and one of my readers to a private tasting event on November 8th. If you live in or around NYC, are available at 10am on Tuesday and don't mind sitting next to yours truly for an hour, leave a comment below.

Although, I must warn you. I get very possessive about my cupcakes.

Any questions?




I highly recommend joining the Crumbs Bake Shop Facebook Fanpage for new flavors and their latest promotions. For instance, did you know that today is National Sandwich Day? Crumbs will be offering their Peanutbutter and Jelly Cupcake for only $2 to celebrate.

* Winner of the "Best Overall Cakesmash" will win the $100 Crumbs Gift Card instead of the Colossal Cupcake from the weekly win.