Two weeks ago I had an "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" giveaway and to enter, I asked everyone to write which Peanuts character(s) their kid(s) most resembled. The results are above. (Hopefully this means we'll have a woman as president in the next thirty to forty years.)

At the time, I said Mazzy was Lucy with a dash of Linus. But after reading everyone's explanations for why they chose each character, I realized there's a bit of every Peanut in my baby girl.


830369-lucy_largeLucy is the most obvious comparison for my incredibly bossy, fiercely independent and frequently grumpy kid. But perhaps the best example I can give you of Mazzy's Lucy-like personality is an interaction she had with a friend's dog this past weekend.

Mazzy loves dogs and wanted to play. So what does she do? She holds out a pretzel, calls "DOGGIE!", smiles as he runs over tail wagging and then at the last moment— pulls the pretzel away to take a bite herself. When the dog retreated, Mazzy called his name and did it again. This went on and on until Mazzy grew bored and took a break. I can only imagine it was to plot the opening of her pop-up psychiatry center.


LinusLinus is another easy comparison since Mazzy is rarely seen without her blankie. Plus, I believe my little girl is way wiser than her 22 months suggest.

It's too early to tell whether she has Linus's philosopical nature but she definitely is breaking out the inquisitive gene early. "What's that?" is her new favorite phrase. Next time I don't know the answer, I'm using "The Great Pumpkin" as my reply.


528781-meet_charlie_brown_big_largeMazzy does not have Charlie Brown's insecurities (the girl is one fearless confident kid) but she does think the world is out to get her the second her milk runs out or her diaper needs changing.

She also shares Charlie Brown's heart. If a child is crying or someone falls down, Mazzy is the first to run over, look them in the eye and say, "You ok?"

Even if that someone is a stuffed animal she just threw to the ground herself.


Peppermint-pattyFor starters, Mazzy believes her stuffed animals are her friends just like Peppermint Patty believes Snoopy is a "funny looking kid" and her attorney.

She also shares Peppermint Patty's desire to play with the boys.

On Sunday we went to our eleven-year-old cousin's soccer game. During halftime, Mazzy ran out onto the field, grabbed the ball and took it over to the opposing team lined up in uniform on the bench. You should have seen the boys' faces as they took in all 32" of my little girl, facing them front and center, ball in hand, daring them to play.


TsMazzy has never met a piano she was able to ignore and if you've seen "The ABCs on Steroids", you know she can both sing and play at the same time. It may not be soothing to the ears, but it's a start.

She also finds comfort in music and often begs me to play a certain song the same way she would beg for milk or juice. And it can't be just any song— she is (unfortunately) very particular and consistent. (Justin Bieber, anyone?)


SnoopyI'm not sure when imagination is supposed to kick in but Mazzy's into make-believe big time. She is constantly pretending to give us presents and talking to nobody in particular before she falls asleep. Yesterday, she pointed to a random chair and claimed that Erinie and Bert were sitting there. Which is all adorable until you try to get her to eat a plate of broccoli and she eats her "imaginary" broccoli instead.

As for the rest of the gang, she's got Sally's love of television, Pigpen's unwillingness to change his clothes, Marcie's desire to overachieve and Woodstock's loyalty.

So basically, my little girl is a bossy-blankie-carrying-musical-imaginative-lovable-sometime-tomboy-with-the-inability-to-fly.

But then again, isn't everyone?


Congratulations to Jennifer from Motherhood Uncovered, the winner of the Halloween themed Peanuts giveaway. I hope your little Linus appreciates the arrival of The Great Pumpkin Package!