Picture 19 Up until now, I have largely escaped Justin Bieber. No, that's not true. There was that Justin Bieber episode of Glee a month ago. And the time when the Biebs ruined New Year's Rockin' Eve by singing a prepubescent love song to Selena Gomez that was decidely NOT ROCKIN'. There's also evidence that Mazzy looks like a lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber. And I think the Biebster may be responsible for diaper jeans, although I can't pin it on him 100%.

I'm sure that one day, my baby girl will worship the ground that some floppy haired Bieber-esque manboy walks on, but I'm also positive that by the year 2022, the actual Mr. Bieber will either be starring in "Dancing With The Stars", "Celebrity Apprentice: The Retirement Years" or a new show called "Fallen Popstar Fightclub".

Translation: Bieber Fever is not something I am afraid of catching.

But even as a non-Belieber, I can still appreciate the talented baby in the video below. It's a baby singing "Baby" if you must know. And although there are many impressive moments throughout, please make sure you stick around for the Ludacris part. Baby Bieber's got range.


Now I don't know if this kid (currently at 77,000 YouTube hits) has what it takes to compete with Paper Ripping Baby and Nose Blowing Baby (especially considering the crowded Baby Beiber landscape) but if being alive has taught me anything, it's— NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE BIEBSTER AND HIS PACK OF BELIEBSTERS.

In case anyone besides me is keeping score, Paper Ripping Baby is at 13,000,000 YouTube hits while Nose Blowing Baby is very quickly approaching him at 12,000,000. I predict Nose more than passes Paper by Friday. Any bookies out there who want to take that bet?

O.M.G. Did I just figure out my mommy invention??? OTB for Viral Video Babies! See you later, little people!!!