Yesterday was Mazzy's first day of "Insurance Policy". It was the third time she met her teacher. The first being at a home visit last Friday and the second at a playdate in the park with the rest of her new classmates over the weekend.

In each instance, Mazzy was uncharacteristically shy so there was no way for her teacher to determine her exceptional brilliance and fast track her straight to Harvard.

At the home visit, Mazzy became oddly obsessed with the teacher's smiley face stickers rendering her completely incapable of engaging in any other activity.

At the playdate in the park, she hung onto my leg with her head buried between my knees except for the five minutes when she pitched a fit during her turn for a head lice check.

On her first day of school, Mazzy's first impression was as the kid who likes to eat play-doh, paint all over her clothes and cling to the classroom teddy bear as if it were her own.

What's an over-eager-highly-competitive-NYC mom to do?

I watched as Mazzy walked around a little excited, a lot confused and very, very quiet. I did my part which was to stay on the sidelines and observe.

Picture 7 I did not tell the teacher that Mazzy knew all the words to the book that was being read out loud. I did not tell the teacher that yesterday someone gave Mazzy one of those smiling flashing puffer balls (see right) as a gift and an hour later, she very appropriately coined it a "martian"— a word I have no idea how she learned. And I also did not tell her that today when Mazzy woke up extra early, she pointed out her bedroom window to the full moon still visible outside and exclaimed— "Ooooooh! Moon! What happened?"

I figure in a few weeks the real Mazzy will come out.

They'll learn that she can sing the ABCs like nobody's business.

That she's got incredible leadership skills.


That she excels at urban planning.


And that she can teach a course called "How to Find Sesame Street in 10 Seconds Or Less On the iPad".


Right now, she seems a bit scared. But I'm confident she'll adjust.

And that she'll be running the world in no time.



Did anybody else send their kid to school for the first time? How did it go? And does this iPad profiency mean that I am the worst parent ever or can all 1 1/2 year-olds do this? I don't let her use it that much— I SWEAR!