Rainbows & unicorns

When I was little I loved rainbows and unicorns. Separately. Together. Preferably in an object made of satin dangling from my bedroom ceiling. I also had an 1000 piece unicorn puzzle glued permanently together and hung above my bed. It was a beautiful white unicorn in a blue hazy forest that went perfectly with my hideous wall-to-wall royal blue shag carpeting. I didn't love these things because it was cool or because I was trying to prove I was cool by being incredibly uncool. No, I loved them in earnest.

If you'd like to impose your love of rainbows and unicorns on your child, I ask that you do so unironically and I recommend the following items listed clockwise from left: Mini wooden stacking rainbow by Grimm's Speil & Holz Design, Rainbow unicorn pillow by Mymimi Collection, Half yard of Happy Love Peace Unicorn rainbow Glitter Cotton Fabric by Emi Craft, Pink unicorn baby shoes by Ministar, Unicorn hair clip by V is for Violet, Orange felted wool unicorn by Penguin & Fish, Set of rainbow barettes by Ruby Ribbon, "My Other Ride Is A Unicorn" onesie by Hive Tees, Rainbow legwarmers by BabyLegs