After yesterday's post about how much Mazzy hates me, I thought it would be nice to show two more kids with equally bad attitudes.

Remember Lila (aka Hannibal Lecter) from Mommy of a Monster? Well, Hannibal's got some competition in the form of Annie from The Little Hen House. Lila and Annie's moms asked if I would sponsor a glare-off and I loved the idea so much, I think I may make it a regular thing.


So tell me— which little girl would be more likely to start a Diaper Genie fire with her eyes? If you were casting for "The Good Son, Part Two", who would be first in line to throw a Culkin kid off a cliff? And most importantly, if you ran into Lila or Annie in a back alley, who would make you shit your pants first?

Winner gets bragging rights and a spot in the Mommy Shorts Hall of Fame.

If you've got a picture of your kid making a mean face, post it on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. If I get enough, maybe I'll hold a FULL-ON EVIL BABY GLARE-OFF TOURNAMENT. I'll get Everlast to sponsor and throw in an Ultimate Fighting Scholarship for the win.

Judging by the first two contestants— competition is gonna be FIERCE.