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In my "Happy Anniversary" post yesterday, I neglected to mention one important detail. I did not spend it with my husband. Nope. In a second attempt to take myself seriously, I abandoned both him and Mazzy and went to Blogher in San Diego for the weekend. (Awesome present— thank you, Mike!)

So far at Blogher, I took a taxi from the airport with Mom 101, I found out The Pioneer Woman follows me on twitter and I rode in a pedi-cab with Chookooloonks driven by a pirate. If you are not in the blogging world, please know that these are all very exciting things. If you like pirates, then you already understand.

If you just met me at Blogher and are here for the first time, that's my adorable 19 month-old girl pictured up top. I suggest you visit the Best of Mommy Shorts for the… Best of Mommy Shorts. Otherwise, you are going to scroll down to the post below and think my blog is all about mutilated genitalia.

For everybody else, I'm gonna do a contest recap.



Picture 4 Stay Puft is still leading the pack with a whooping 86 votes. Although, Elton John, John Candy and Alfred E. Newman are not far behind. And there are a few late entries like Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Tosh and a very convincing Ashley Olsen that are gaining steam.

"Crying Dawson" and the " 'I Can Haz Cheezburger?' Cat" were both added recently so if anyone has a kid who looks like "Sad Keanu", that would make the "meme" section of the contest complete.

There are 75(!) entries so far and tonight, I'm gonna add a bunch more including Hellboy, Tom Selleck and Simon Pegg. If you have yet to check out all the entries or vote for your favorites on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage, you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice. Don't deny yourself the pleasure.

You can still add a baby celebrity lookalike up until August 25th by posting a picture of your kid (with the name of the celebrity he/she looks like) on the wall of the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage. Two winners will recieve an $100 Amazon gift card from Toddlewood. The one with the most "likes" and one selected by a celebrity panel of judges. I am currently rounding out the judging panel and TRUST ME, it's going to be FANTASTIC.



Picture 69 You can enter to win an $100 Rokenbok Action Set (runner-up gets a $50 Deluxe ROK Block Set) by telling me the most boring game your kid makes you play. Mine is the "Watch Me Get Incredibly Frustrated With The Shape Sorting Cube But Not Let You Help Me" game. Fun for everyone!

Winner will be announced on August 12th. Check out the contest here.



Yesterday you guys tried to outdo my lady bit slicing story with some hilariously awful wedding stories of your own. I can't let those stories go to waste. At some point there will be a comment competition much like Worst Unsolicited Parenting Advice and Unsexiest Parenting Moments.

If you would like to be entered, you must leave your funniest wedding day mishap under yesterday's post.


Finally, I would like to leave you with a picture submitted by Cheryl S. after reading my post entitled "The Toy That Could Eat My Apartment". It's a picture of her cat moving into her daughter's hideously large dollhouse.

Picture 1

All I have to say to Cheryl S. is that as parents, we can only blame ourselves for our hideously large toy purchase decisions. Unless, of course this was a gift. In which case— why does this person HATE you?

Note: Please check out the arrangment of the dolls on the second floor. I call this game "Suicide Pact".

Alright friends, I'm off to be intimidated by other bloggers.

Or perhaps ride with Dooce in a clown car.

Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts