In addition to the giveaway below, today I'm in THE HOT SEAT at Four Plus An Angel answering questions like— "What would you do if Mazzy came home with an Elmo tattoo and announced she was marrying Justin Beiber?" I may have even mentioned Don Draper once or twice. Check it out here.

Giveaway: Michael Andrews Bespoke Custom Shirt & Tie (2 Winners)

Costumes-don-draper1Father's Day is June 19th and although I'm not getting my husband a gift until he makes good on his Mother's Day gift (ahem), that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get something nice for yours.

Also, since last week was all about unsexiness, I thought this week we could go the opposite route. Which brings me to the fine specimen pictured left.

Are you still with me? Or are you caught up in some sort of retro boss/secretarial pool fantasy?

I'll wait.

OK? Now. I'm sorry to report that unless you're a fictional character named Betty, the man who has fathered your children is almost definitely not as sexy as the man above.

(Stop arguing with me, Katie! Tom was sexy for five seconds in the early eighties.)

Not even John Hamm is as sexy as Don Draper. Don't believe me?


What's the obvious difference?


So, in the hopes of giving your men just a touch of the magic that is "The Draper", today I've got an awesome Father's Day giveaway: a men's custom dress shirt and tie (valued between $155 – $345) by Michael Andrews Bespoke.

Michael Andrews Bespoke shirts are not only gorgeously tailored (I should know— my husband's closet is full of them), they are 100% customized to fit your man's specifications. 12 measurements are taken to create a unique shirt pattern that ensures an exceptional fit. Then he gets to select from countless fabrics, collar styles and cuff options in addition to opting for fancy details such as contrast stitching, contrast trim, colored buttons and complimentary monogramming. The end result is a completely one-of-a kind shirt with a perfect streamlined contemporary fit.

This way, the next time your husband is elbow deep in a diaper explosion, you can have him shower and put on his new shirt afterward— your one and only shot at erasing the memory.


Note: This giveaway is NO JOKE. Michael Andrews Bespoke has been in Best of New York in New York Magazine for the past three years running. He makes exceptional men's clothing and the downtown store is cool as hell with a FULL BAR. He is also a personal friend of mine which is why I have exclusive access to this giveaway.


1) Michael Andrews Bespoke is only in New York and fitting must be done at the store. SO. There will be two winners— one New York winner who will win a custom shirt and one out-of-town winner who will win a tie. Please indicate if you live in the NY Area (or will be visiting) by putting "NY" at the beginning of your entry comment.

2) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. You can easily become one by clicking like in the facebook widget on my right sidebar or by clicking here.

3) Answer this question: What is the least sexy item of clothing or accessory a man can wear? Or— describe an item of clothing that you have begged your husband to throw out.

Winner will be announced on Friday the 17th.