Whether at the Washington Square Park Baby Costume Parade, the Theater for the New City's Village Halloween Costume Ball (which every year manages to make my block look like the East Village circa 1973), or at my very own little Halloween soiree, the babies decided this year they were going to BRING IT.  Here's a round-up of the best reader submitted (and Mommy Shorts solicited) costumes.

Most Likely to Fight Over Candy: Sister and brother team, Maya and Hunter are dressed as a dog and cat respectively.


Most Miserable Shellfish: This award goes to Hazy, a lobster who's not even excited by the prospect of bottom feeding on some goldfish.


Most Likely to Be Carried Like a Purse: Upon arrival, Charlie's mom, also dressed as a leopard, announced, "The baby should always match your belt".


Most In Need of Watering: This award goes to Elsa for tolerating the car-sized-flower-hat portion of her costume for as long as possible. Unfortunately, my camera found her a second too late.


Most Likely To Be Abandoned: That has to go to Jane, our little orphan Annie. Seriously- is Annie coming back to Broadway anytime soon because I think we could get Jane a job!


Most Original Monkey: We saw lots of monkeys on the street (including my own little monkey) but none more clever than Carson. Carson wasn't just a monkey, his tie means business. Monkey Business!


Most Likely to Cause Dysfunction at Disneyworld: This goes to Luisa, whose adorable Minnie Mouse costume would not only give the real Minnie a run for her money, but it would also confuse the crap out of Mickey.


The Beyonce Quick-Change Award: I'm giving this to my very own little pumpkin. Mazzy spent most of the day as an outdoor-weather-appropriate monkey but then one quick change later, was hosting her very own Halloween party as an adorably delicious piece of sushi. Or as I like to call her: Most Likely To Be Picked First Off of a Party Platter.


See BABY SUSHI in action here