Meet Monkey. He's five weeks old and belongs to Eclectic Mamma. Monkey's pretty angry for 5 weeks, no? Of course, it could be a simple case of GET THE CAMERA OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE MOM but I think there might be something larger at work here.

Eclectic Mama thinks her little guy is hell bent on world domination. I think he may be organizing a "Back to the Womb" protest. What do you think? Do we have the world's littlest dictator on our hands? Or is Monkey just pissed he has to go through life in the shadow of Curious George?

OR! Maybe you wanna get creative and take a gander at what the warning sign says pictured left. For instance— WARNING: REMOVE PACIFIER AND BABY MAY PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.

Leave your best caption in the comment section below. Captions will be judged by our current Caption Contest Queen— Dana of Feast After Famine, the winner of last week's first video caption contest. If you missed it, it was a DOOZY and I'd check out the winning entries. But that's just me. I'm sure you've got lots to do.

Winner will be announced on Friday. Or Thursday if Monkey's plot to take over the world starts gaining traction. I fear "outlawing caption contests" will be his first order of business.

Good luck!